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Hedgehog likes some rubbing

i was going through my school stuff and one of my books from when i was like 9 was covered with this lovely picture!!!
i completely forgot about it and i think it’s beautiful
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Spring in Italy - Isaac Levitan, 1890

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devon aoki for self service #31 f/w 09-10, ph. by max farago


Green snail - Rhinocochlis nasuta | ©Paul Bertner   (Mt. Kinabalu National Park, Sabah, Borneo)
Rhinocochlis nasuta (Dyakiidae) is an elegant land snail known from Borneo, with a compressed and small shell up to 24 mm.
The shell of this snail is levorotatory or sinistral, this means that the direction of rotation of the shell around its axis occurs in counterclockwise, so if the shell is placed with the apex upward then the opening of the shell is to the left side.
As the common name indicates, the body of the animal is of a bright green color, however, the shell is actually milky white, but is observed green because it is very thin and translucent.


i could watch this for hours…